i’m swiping around again and find something i want to remember, but don’t want to follow or bookmark.

there’s a chance it’ll just add to the noise, my feed will never show it to me, or I’ll just never revisit it…


instead i’ll add it to kawara. when i do, i define how deserving this thing is of my attention.

maybe it’s something i think about WAY too often, and i need some space. once every day is better than once every hour.

actually, maybe just remind me once a year, please.

11:11 PM

it seems like my phone is always trying to outsmart or distract me… 🖤

parents always say procrastination is a bad habit. but so few things are worth thinking about constantly. especially the things that want you to think about them all the time.

12:01 AM

sometimes the simplest things are the most confusing bc shit is normally so complex. “you know when you know.”

buuut i’ll try to summarize; it’s like, bookmarks meets a clock that counts days in a year instead of hours in a day.

or… you know when you go on vacation, and come back and feel like everything is the same? kawara is like a vacation from the stuff in your feed that’s not your absolute favorites.

kawara doesn’t let me forget, but doesn’t pressure me to remember.

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