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Time for Personal Sites


Let’s go back for a moment to the early web. The “Weird HTML” era and golden days of personal publishing. There are no profiles, only pages—each uniquely made. It was messy and sometimes a pain, but the creative freedom was limitless.

Version 1.2.0


Oh look at that, a new release. Many of you have kindly provided feedback over the past two weeks. In appreciation for the input, here’s an update with useful new functionality, and some necessary finesse.

Jon-Kyle’s List


This a brief collection of my recent additions to Kawara. The first keeps me impulsively opening Instagram. The second helps keep things in perspective, and is sometimes forgotten. The third is a quiet area of an otherwise noisy channel.

Kawara + Are.na


Generating context around what inspires you is a process greatly enhanced by the right tools. Kawara compliments Are.na by helping to introduce a cadence to your process, and improve on the habits you have with what inspires you.

A Mix of Rhythm


When describing time it’s useful to use musical metaphors. In anticipation of Kawara’s release, here is a mix highlighting contemporary percussion and tracks encapsulating the overlap.

The Start of Another Decade


Somehow it’s not only the beginning of the new year, but also a new decade. Life is full of these cycles. The days, the seasons, the years themselves. Longer cycles tend to prompt reflection, and with each new year we look to the past, often in search of some insight about the future.

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