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This a brief collection of my recent additions to Kawara. The first keeps me impulsively opening Instagram. The second helps keep things in perspective, and is sometimes forgotten. The third is a quiet area of an otherwise noisy channel.

One of the main reasons I pull up Instagram so often is the @organliclab.zip account. It just hits on a lot of niche overlapping interests. I ended up unfollowing it and adding it to Kawara with an interval of every three days. That’s still super frequently if you think outside the timescale of an immediate moment. Better than three times every hour using Instagram. It’s nice to still follow it, but without that constant nag that Instagram gives you.

It’s pretty incredible to live at a time when we can have instant access to a ~10min realtime view of the planet. One of my favorite places is the Sierra Nevada. Even though this page is updating constantly, it’s not like a social media account, so there isn’t a constant stream of updates to remind you of it. I’ve added it to Kawara with an interval of once a week. There is a feature that lets you generate a timelapse, so I’ll watch the last week of weather move across the mountains, and think about that week.

My friend Nick has a show on NTS called Post Geography which I enjoy. I follow NTS on Twitter, but there are a ton of shows, and so it would be very rare that I’d see an update about Nick’s show. It‘s monthly, so I have the interval on Kawara set to once a month. Chances are there will be a new episode when I check back in.

Jon-Kyle’s work concerns the internet, environment, time, and how we can better inhabit all three. You can keep up with his latest on his personal site.

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