Kawara + Are.na


Generating context around what inspires you is a process greatly enhanced by the right tools. Kawara compliments Are.na by helping to introduce a cadence to your process, and improve on the habits you have with what inspires you.

Anyone familiar with Are.na knows what makes it special. The community of likeminded contributors openly organizing knowledge and visual research. The understated set of tools which get out of the way and let you think. The transparent process and rejection of growth for growth’s sake. With so much to see, and so many ideas to parse, you may have encountered one of these familiar scenarios.

A Forgotten Insight

You’ve had an insight, perhaps inspired by the juxtaposition of a few images, and begin capturing the idea by creating a new Channel. You add the images, and ruminate on a title depicting the unique context. Happy with where its at, you move on to other things… forever!

Of course not every thought can remain at the front of your head. However, ideas are fragile, and it’s easy for the seed of something to be lost in everything new.

Kawara can help resurface those ideas. When creating a channel, just add it to Kawara and assign an interval. Maybe somewhere between 3–6 months. After that time has elapsed your Channel will be added to your Daily Collection, ready to be revisited.

A Cluttered Feed

You’ve come across another interesting Block or Channel. You don’t want to forget it, so you begin to follow it. This is great—you see when there is an update or connection made, but with so much to see you end up following a lot of stuff. Now your Feed is so full you with updates you end up missing out on the more important things.

Instead of following something in order to remember it, simply add it to Kawara. Certain things you may want to revisit frequently, like a Channel you’re collaborating on with a friend. Other things would be nice to remember every once in a while, like a particularly sublime image.

A Casual Follow

Are.na has an unusually high ratio of quality contributors. You might just want to follow everyone. Some users are great, but are always adding things, and drowning out everyone else in your Feed. You can mute them, but now they’re lost forever. Just add them to Kawara, and be reminded of what they’re up to, on your own time.

A Few Channels Worth Being Reminded Of

On Are.na, Channels and Blocks appear in your feed as they are updated. Some of the best stuff hasn’t been updated in some time, though, and won’t resurface. By adding them to Kawara you’ll be reminded to check in—the sweet spot is every 5–8 months.

Note: Are.na links currently open Safari, and not the Are.na app. If you’d like to see this functionality added, leave a comment on the feature request.

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