Podcast Sanity


Let’s get to the point. Your best friend has a podcast. Your cousin has a podcast. Your dog has a podcast. Everyone has a podcast. The ease of publishing today is nothing to complain about — but honestly, there are only a couple things I want to constantly keep track of.

For those things, existing podcast apps are great. You want to catch every episode as they’re released, and don’t mind a few badges indicating how many you’ve missed. But for every great podcast there are 10 I’m mildly interested in. These are things I don’t want to constantly see in my feed, but be reminded of periodically to see what’s new.

No surprises; Kawara can help you do just that.

It’s basic. Share it with Kawara, or just copy the link and tap the Add icon. Now is when you prioritize how deserving the podcast is of your attention in the year. Maybe once a month. Maybe once every few months. Whatever feels right.

Now you can forget about it and keep your primary feed clean knowing that Kawara will remind you when the time is right. Easy.

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