The Start of Another Decade


Somehow it’s not only the beginning of the new year, but also a new decade. Life is full of these cycles. The days, the seasons, the years themselves. Longer cycles tend to prompt reflection, and with each new year we look to the past, often in search of some insight about the future.

While each of us had unique and exceptional moments, there’s much to learn from looking at the average day-to-day. Safe to say, for most of us, the amount of time spent looking at screens increased. More social media. Binge-watching became a thing. Popular awareness and speculation on the effects of these habits increased, too.

Looking at time spent with screens as universally undesirable is a little reductionist. It’s not a question of interface, but of establishing healthy rituals with what increasingly consumes our attention.

It’s impossible to predict the shape of the next decade, just as it was the past. What is clear; the time will continue to pass. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly.

Kawara looks at some of the emergent frustrations with social media optimistically, and tries to square our daily habits with longer-term thinking. To position them within time. This isn’t an effort to increase productivity, like other “time apps”, or to eliminate social media, but to assist in better inhabiting the time we have. To keep it healthy.

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