Version 1.2.0


Oh look at that, a new release. Many of you have kindly provided feedback over the past two weeks. In appreciation for the input, here’s an update with useful new functionality, and some necessary finesse.

Introducing Explore

Kawara is not only an app, but a format. The rate of publishing has always been bound to the technological environment over history. We’re at a point where anything, anywhere can be accessed instantaneously. But a day is still a day long. A minute is a minute. How do we position our interactions with the media we consume within timescales larger than an immediate moment? Can this transcend gesture?

Maybe by looking at what is familiar, and recontextualizing what is known, we can uncover something new. Explore presents contributions about these topics from a range of contributors, and lists of relevant Cards.

If you’d like to contribute, feel free to say hello.

Improved Library

The Library has been restructured. Whereas before it enabled only management of your content, it now also hosts ways of gaining fresh insight from features like Timeline. Speaking of Timeline, expect to see some fresh action here before too long.

Open Links in Kawara

Oftentimes apps will avoid navigating you elsewhere when clicking on links, forcing you to use a simplified web browser inside the app. They’re greedy for your attention. Kawara isn’t playing the same game, but several of you kindly provided feedback making a case for implementing something similar. “When ending up in Safari after clicking a link, I’m in a distracting environment.”

Now you can enable opening links in Kawara by navigating to Settings → Open Links in Kawara.

There are countless small improvements—too many to mention here. If you’ve passed more than a minute with Kawara, you’ll notice. Thanks to everyone who has been here early, and especially to those who have upgraded. There is a lot of work to do, and your generosity makes it possible to meaningfully expand on what would otherwise remain speculations ✌️

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